Wig care tips

Being Stylish Everyday - 8 Wig Care and Washing Tips

8 Wig Care and Washing Tips

The hair wigs has been part of the human race since the ancient times and has changed with the changing times and according to the peoples’ requirement. In the present situation there are multiple varieties of the hair wigs as per your need.

Hair wigs have become an eternal part of the daily life for styling. There are long, short, curly, straight or colored hair wigs giving a style quotient to you.

Taking good care of the style agents is the important thing to do.

Let us follow some points for wig maintenance tips for it’s long life –

  1. Quality of the hair wigs – The hair wigs are available in the market with various material. Try to learn the difference between the human hair wig and a synthetic hair wig. The human hair wigs are stronger and have a higher resistance to heat so the tangling is more than the synthetic hair. While purchasing the hair wig please check the details carefully.


  1. Hair care products - While purchasing the products for cleaning the wig, you should be aware that there are special shampoo and conditioner for the cleaning of the human hair wigs. The regular shampoo and the conditioner have a higher range of chemical content which damage the texture of the wig hair and especially if it is synthetic wig. The hair wig and the natural hair are washed in the different way. The process of wig washing tips is to soak the wig in shampoo and water and then use a wig comb for shampoo and the conditioner to out of the hair. Rinse the wig with the warm water until the whole solution is out. Comb the hair properly to remove the tangles and let it be air dry. You should wash human hair wig every 6-8 weeks or 8-10 wears. Please note – while washing the wig DO NOT RUB OR MASSAGE the wig, just simple combing is enough.



  1. Professional help – We want the hair style to remain the same throughout the time and wants to maintain the style. To have your perfect look take the hair wig to the professional in the salon. The natural hair after the wrong hair cut will grow whereas the wig hair doesn’t grow after a haircut. For the good result, the wig specialist are available in the salon giving you the best wig care tips as well.


  1. Storing – When you use the hair wig replace it properly either on the mannequin or a hook, so the hair does not tangle. Keep it in no dust area.


  1. No Spray – The dry shampoos, shine spray, and any hair spray is strictly prohibited because it will harm the texture of the hair wig. The spray will tangle the hair, make it greasy and unmanageable.


  1. No heat – While styling your wig, the heat can damage the wig or even burn it especially when it is the synthetic wig. Follow the instructions provided with the synthetic hair wig and human hair wig care tips you purchased, so you can find out how much heat can be utilized.


  1. Sleep or shower – Kindly avoid sleeping with the wig as it will give the tangles. Even when it is raining, try to remove the hair wig, or even I n shower as well.


  1. Natural Hair – The hair which is on your head or the natural one take proper care of them. Keeping your scalp and your hair clean will be helpful, in keeping your hair wig clean as well. While putting on a wig always braid your hair or pull your hair back somehow so that’s not visible at all. Use a wig cap or a better quality wig tapes


Only few tips to follow for the long life of your wig. The human hair wig is extremely helpful to maintain your style every time.

No fuss about the hair texture is going bad or being frizzy when you are getting ready for office or going for date or party. Your style quotient will always remain spectacular.


Hopefully this hair wig care tips becomes your routine to maintain human wig.