SlaywitChe is a luxury hair extension business, where providing the best luxury hair is the priority. Taking pride in providing quality customer service and product options.

CEO and Founder of SlayWitChe (SWC).

Meet the Owner

Slay Che embarked on her hair journey at the age of fifteen. Servicing clients with quality service, products, and extensions is a passion that grew at an early age. She understood what it meant to study and perfect her craft, as well as how to engage with people to fully understand their requests. Later, stepping outside of her comfort zone by expanding her styling portfolio and skills.
The skills that were acquired, along with her experience and passion for hair were reasons that people found a sense of security and trust when working with Slay Che. Slay Che not only has a passion for styling hair and providing luxury extensions. Inspiring those who are interested in doing similar work has been a driver in Slay Che commitment to keep going. Mentoring to fellow entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs has given back in many ways. Helping to strengthen the community, while uplifting dreams of those who are touched by Chevy’s work and contributions is a staple that will live on for years to come.

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Our Mission

Taking feedback from customers and clients is an extremely important approach to the company. As well as offering options to those who visit their site. Making your search for quality a solved resolution, along with the convenience of having a “one stop shop” for all of your extension needs. Slay Che was birthed with the intent and goal to more than satisfy your individual hair wants and needs.

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